"I love writing. I love the swirl and swing of words as they tangle with human emotions" - James Michener

Contemporary Black Romance Novels

Contemporary Black Romance Novels adult

Writing is both a skill and a passion for Pam Kelly

     In the early years, she wrote papers for classes that held the right mix of research, perspective, and style. Her talent was recognized in her grades and her instructors were always complimentary. This skill served her well through high school, college, and two graduate programs. 

     Business or corporate writing had to be concise and provide enough facts and figures to be convincing, in “white papers” as well as to sell marketing plans.  Pam always delivered.

     In more recent years, Pam has expressed her style and creativity in writing articles and a book on one of her passions: helping people integrate their health challenges into their day-to-day lives through Diabetes Lifestyle Management. She also edited and published a book on Servant Leadership (See Other Published Work).

Pam’s writing gift has found a new home in a new passion: romance novels!

LEAP OF FAITH is her debut novel, about a man and woman who meet one evening, have dinner and dessert, and then get married, all on the same night. The book reveals all of the highs and lows of them getting to know each other and deciding if they can make the marriage work. Leap of Faith has garnered rave reviews on Amazon.  

Contemporary Black Romance Novels

Her second novel, VALENTINE LOVE, is a story of a seasoned couple, “Baby Boomers,” who are very active, and sexy, and still open to love. When it finds them, they have to work through serious family drama on both sides to see if they can get to ‘happily ever after.’ Plus there is another love surprise in the family when Millennials meet and have their own set of complications. Cupid is definitely working overtime in this novel!

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