“Leaders become great, not because of their power, But because of their ability to empower others” - John Maxwell

This book presents the story of Berlin Kelly and his work as a Servant Leader, and showcases the work of three other Black men whose work as Servant Leaders intersected with Berlin’s: R. Calvin Lockridge of Washington, DC, Preston Wilcox of New York, and Dr. Sokoni Karanja of Chicago, IL.  Each of these men were educated, passionate, and driven to empower people to become individual leaders in order to uplift and sustain our communities; and each one impacted a different sector of the community.

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Romance Novels with Older Adults


Community Empowerment Through Servant Leadership


It is a good time to read ACTS OF LOVE.   We are in the moment of another Civil Rights Movement with unprecedented support for Black issues. Now is the time to explore how to create new leaders among ourselves and not wait for any one person to be appointed.

The book defines how we need to energize and build the capacity in our communities, individually and collectively, to be empowered to uplift ourselves.  The focus of ACTS OF LOVE is on the critical ways that Servant Leadership helps to make it all possible.



  • A history lesson on how Berlin and other Black men he called ‘comrades in the struggle’ used their talents and skills and resources to help people know their worth and develop their own talents and skills and resources for the betterment of the African American community.
  • A guide to the way forward in the 21st century and extremely relevant today.

Romance Novels with Older Adults

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QUOTES by BERLIN L. KELLY, On Life and Leadership

  “The measure of a man’s success is how he handles his failures.”

 “To be biblically oriented but devoid of humanity is to be spiritually bankrupt.”

 “Everybody dies of something, but we seem to die most often of a broken heart.”

“That which is in your soul need not be memorized.”

“Selling versus exploring ideas is the difference between operators and change agents.”

“Living in community is a political act. Politics is the art of interpretation and exchange.”

“You never know what you will run into except when you are running for something.”

“One’s humanity is connected to one’s sense of hope. So give kids a sense of hope and a sense of the future and with that, change in their behavior will come.”

“The Statue of Liberty and Ellis Island are America’s first Affirmative Action Program statements.”

“As a young person, I confused idealism with ideology, altruism with truth.”

“Not until your feeling of desire matches your feeling of deserve can you be blessed.”

“The value of this day rests in how it promotes tomorrow.”

“Spiritual envelopment can lead to community development.”

“You can’t profit from the promise without first practicing the principles.”