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The last half of 2022 has been phenomenal so I am counting my blessings and sharing them with you!  After reading about my happy places, please go to my contact page and share your blessings with me!!

Been travelling to a few book festivals and conferences so that I can learn more about the business side of publishing.  For a published author, it’s important to build an audience who will read your books and get others to read them too. Not just family and friends but THOUSANDS AND THOUSANDS of other loyal romance readers. And we need to get lots of reviews so agents, publishers, and producers will see that you have a following and will take a chance on us with offers to publish more of our books or make them into TV shows or movies.  I’ve been learning from the best in the business and making new friends along the way.

Blessing #1 – At long last (September 10th) my second novel, Valentine Love, is on sale everywhere and available to order. Early review/comments are good so I’m excited to see what more people have to say.

Blessing #2 – Met Bakari Sellers at the National Black Book Festival in October and we had a moment to chat about Chicago style (he recognized mine!) and how nice it is and different from other cities. Yes, I was fan-girling. Been following his career for a long time. He is smart, kind, forthright, and a proud family man. Also got a chance to hang out with one of my favorite authors who happens to live in Houston, Taneka Woods.


Bakari Sellers


Taneka Woods

Blessing #3 – Travelled to Arlington, Virginia for the first Romance Readers and Writers Experience/conference.  Met the pioneers/queens of romance writers who paved the way for Black writers to be recognized and so many writers and promotion powerhouses that I have been reading in my industry research: Beverly Jenkins, Brenda Jackson, Rochelle Alers, Reese Ryan, Iris Bolling, Shirley Hailstock, Dr. Vanessa Riley, Siera London, CD Giles, Midnight Ace, Mel Walker, Keith Thomas Walker, and more, including actor Joshua T. Shipman.


Shirley Hailstock and Siera London


Beverly Jenkins


Joshua T. Shipman


Rochelle Alers


Andrew Gray, Mel Walker, Midnight Ace and Keith Thomas Walker


Ruby and Maurice Walker
- Team Co-Leaders

Blessing #4 – Was honored to speak at the Marriage Matters Retreat in Tulsa, Oklahoma on intimacy in romance novels and the value romance novels can bring to married couples. Sponsored by the Agape Bible Fellowship where Rev. Terry Buxton is Pastor, and led by Maurice and Ruby Walker and Glenn and Sherry Jackson. It was a phenomenal experience for me to share my work and meet people who were so open about their relationships and desire to be more to each other. I hope to do more retreats, conferences, book clubs, etc. in 2023!! Open to all invitations!!

Enjoy your families this season and count your blessings every day!

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